Brunch Basics: Little Lucy’s Cafe

While getting my haircut today, I was discussing breakfast food with my barber. She mentioned that her go-to is Biscuits and Gravy (a sentiment I share!). It was suggested that I try the dish at one of our local brunch spots: Little Lucy’s Cafe.

IMG_5714I am no stranger to Little Lucy’s as I have eaten my way through a number of their plates. A new-ish addition to Grand Rapids, I have had everything from their Ring of Fire Pancake (fried in bacon fat and covered in peanut butter) to their Creston Scramble (red-eye gravy, white cheddar and corn beef hash). I love the clean aesthetic, the somewhat open kitchen and the abundance of smiles from the staff.

Never once have I decided to try their Biscuits and Gravy…until today that is!


What I love: The portion was huge! The gravy was wonderfully creamy and the sausage was not overly spicy. The biscuits were firm yet flaky. They could hold the weight of the gravy without being too difficult to cut with a spoon.

What I didn’t love: The only thing that I did not love was that I had an overabundance of biscuits to gravy ratio. I needed a bit more gravy  to even it all out.

Final thoughts: It is hard to mess up Biscuits and gravy. Everyone makes it and it is pretty straight across the board. However, Little Lucy’s variation on the brunch classic is one worth trying.


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